I really enjoyed speaking with Sandra Mitchell of FOX news in Los Angeles about DESTINY LINGERS.

It was simply amazing to be back at WABCTV in New York City again. I was thrilled to see my former colleagues from my Eyewitness News days! I also got the chance to talk with newswoman Sandra Bookman about my new novel, DESTINY LINGERS. Take a look at "Here and Now" -

I am so honored that USA Today featured me in it's Happily Ever After section --


I had such a good time talking with my friend, the very talented, handsome, and brilliantly funny, Johnny Cosmo on his Spreaker radio show. We chatted about my new romance novel, DESTINY LINGERS, as well as my writing habits, and the tremendous influence Dr. Maya Angelou had on my storytelling and on my life. Dr. Angelou endorsed my novel before she passed and encouraged me to keep my story going, as Johnny and I discuss in this episode. Take a listen:

Here's some behind the scenes fun from the set of "Divorce Court" with Judge Lynn Toler, where I enjoy being the Announcer and promo voice for the longest running television court show in American history.

Yes, I joined the plethora of folks around the world who took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! My dear father, Roland "Sonny" Watts died of this horrid disease and I am so happy to see the world rally to find an end to it. I dumped the freezing water over my head - but I also made a nice donation to the cause. Won't you?
Here's the link for more information: http://www.alsa.org/fight-als/ice-bucket-challenge.html

Take a look at the day I met my challenge for good!

Part One:
Part Two:

I love making movies and I hope you've watched a few I star in, like "Sister Code," directed by Corey Grant ("Dysfunctional Friends"), in which I play Ob-Gyn Dr. Riley. Can you believe I had to deliver a baby? I also had to get used to that fake newborn before we shot our big scene. I admit I was queasy when they slathered cream cheese and jelly on the baby doll to look like birth fluid. Yuck! LOL This heart-felt movie about family and sisters in crises also stars Eva Pigford, Amber Rose, and Drew Sidora. Check us out on Netflix!

And, I got the honor of working with brilliant young Director Justin Chambers on his sure-to-be-smash-hit, "American Bred." This time the story is about brothers in crises, gangsters at war, and mothers who are worried sick. I play one of the heartbroken moms, afraid she has lost her son to the mean streets. You may recall that Justin also directed me in "Broken Roads."

I got the thrill of a lifetime when Director and Oscar nominated actor Angela Bassett hired me for the role of Alberta in the Lifetime TV movie, "I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story." My scene unfortunately hit the editing room floor, but I still had fun behind the scenes with the likes of actors Yaya DaCosta, who plays Whitney Houston and Arlen Escarpeta, who plays Bobby Brown. They did a great job and pulled off the likeliness quite well! Brava, Angela Bassett! What an absolute honor and joy to work with you!

My first novel, DESTINY LINGERS, will be released very soon. I happy to say that my Auntie Maya Angelou wrote a wonderful blurb about my novel just before she passed. She said she didn't want it to end! DESTINY LINGERS has such a juicy plot, I hope you'll miss your subway stop! LOL

Destiny Lingers

by Rolonda Watts

As a budding news reporter in New York City, Destiny Newell investigates many stories, including one in which she helps police negotiate a dangerous hostage situation and subsequent shooting. But as astute as Destiny is in covering breaking lead stories, she has yet to uncover the truth of her own life -- until one bright spring morning she discovers a long strand of red hair stretched across her husband's bed pillow. It is the third red hair she has found in Garrett's and her private living space in as many weeks. The only person Destiny knows with red hair is her best friend, Eve. This one mysterious strand of long red hair unravels a shocking story of deceit that sends Destiny plunging into a nightmarish depression. Deeply disturbed after having witnessed a hostage shooting and learning of her husband's affair and pregnancy with her best friend, Destiny is even harder hit when her favorite Great Aunt Joy suddenly dies, leaving her the family beach house in North Carolina. After much encouragement from her loved ones, Destiny returns home to her family beach house on Topsail Island, NC to get her head together.

While struggling to get her life back on track, Destiny meets Chase McKenzie, the handsome island police chief, with whom she soon discovers she has a secret past; Chase turns out to be the little White boy from the trailer park Destiny was once in love with, yet forbidden to see. Segregation, racism, and class-ism made it impossible for the two young lovebirds to be together at the time. Chase was not allowed to play with her because she was Black. Destiny was not allowed to play with him because he was poor. But the two still stole time away together, hiding and pretending they were free beneath the marsh trees by the Sound.

Time moves on, but destiny lingers, as the two star-crossed lovers become even more deeply attracted to each other. Despite each of their circumstances – both in unhappy relationships -- they still desperately long for each other and one more chance, finally free this time, to choose the love of which they have always dreamed.

Destiny and Chase struggle to survive -- not only the storms of life, but also the storms at sea, as a life-threatening hurricane slams into their little island. Despite several evacuation warnings, Destiny refuses to leave, believing she has nowhere else she'd rather be. She quickly realizes that that was not a wise decision after Hurricane Belinda nearly destroys her beach house – with her in it. Chase returns to Topsail during the eye of the storm and saves Destiny – and their second chance at love. As the storm clears, so does their understanding of how deeply their love has grown. This time they choose to claim their destiny, together rebuilding their lives, dreams, and their beloved island.

Time moves on, but destiny lingers, and true love survives – even time.

What would you do for a second chance at your first love?

The Craziest, Most Daring Movie Role I've Ever played!

Check me out in "House Party 5: Tonight's the Night!" (WB) on Amazon and iTunes. Part of the famous "Kid n Play" series, this movie, directed by Darin Scott and shot in Cape Town, South Africa, was one of the most fun and daring things I have ever done in my entire life! I fell in love with my voracious cougar character, Victoria Meyer, and I hope you will love watching the cray cray KiKI in action too! Have you ever known a cougar like Victoria? Are YOU a cougar like Victoria?? LOL

Take a look at my girl in action and enjoy the entire movie with the whole family soon!

Want to see the whole movie? Rent or buy "House party: Tonight's the Night" today!