Welcome to My world

Our favorite celebrities - we follow their every move - knowing who they wear, where they are, when they get into trouble, or fall out of love -- We adore our beloved celebrities! But do we really know where their hearts are?

Well, that's exactly what we're going to reveal in my new "Celebrity Crowdfund It," magazine coming to you soon. We'll be featuring top celebrities and their favorite charity and then encourage our readers to help them fund it. I'm truly humbled by the number of celebrities already involved and I invite my PR and Talent Management friends to get their celebs and their charities included as well.

Here's a mock-up of my new "Celebrity Crowdfund It" magazine. Sign up now for a free gift subscription while the offer lasts at http://crowdfunditmag.com/

Feel free to contact me for more information at rolonda@rolonda.com!