Rolonda Watts
A Lady of Many Talents

Rolonda Watts is the Emmy Award Winning Announcer & Promo Voice for the Sherri Talk Show, Actor, Stand Up Comedian, Talk Show Host, Podcaster, Speaker, Coach, Producer, and Author of Destiny Lingers

Rolonda’s name, face, and distinctive voice have been known by audiences everywhere, thanks to her many award-winning works in television, radio, film, theatre, digital media, stand up comedy, motivational speaking and author of DESTINY LINGERS, her award-winning romance suspense novel, endorsed by Dr. Maya Angelou.

Most know her by one name, Rolonda, under which she launched her own internationally syndicated talk show (1994-1998), produced by King World Productions and her Watts Works Productions. An Emmy and Cable Ace Awards Nominee, Rolonda returns to daytime TV as the Announcer and Promo Voice for Sherri, recently serving as a comedian judge for Sherri’s Funny Over 50 Comedy Contest.

Catch Rolonda, starring in Mind Your Business, a BounceTV original Comedy Series, premiering June 1st 8pm/7C.

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Emmy Award Winning Voice Actor, Actor, Speaker, Talk Show Host, Podcaster, Comedian, Emcee and Host

Talk Show Host & Journalist

Can you believe we're celebrating the thirty-year anniversary of the Rolonda Show

Hosting agent: Scott Kaufman

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Voice Actor

My Voice Over Reel. So proud to be the Announcer and Promo voice of the NAACP Award Winning talk show, SHERRI ... Also heard on Curious George, Lego’s, Madagascar, Divorce Court, AT&T, Boeing, McDonald’s, League of Legends, Google, Cologuard, and much more

Voice Agent: Pam Goldman at Buchwald

Hear what Talk Show Host Sherri Shepherd has to say about Rolonda's Voice.

Motivational, educational and always entertaining, Rolonda speaks on many topics and issues, including, reinvention at any age, leadership, solopreneurship, women's empowerment, diversity and inclusion, embracing your age


Rolonda's Motivational Speech on Women's Leadership and Diversity

SO excited about June 1st when my new sitcom, MIND YOUR BUSINESS, premieres on Bounce TV! I finally have a series regular role, playing the matriarch, Lucille Williams and I'm thrilled to work with so many talented actors, writers, producers - and the incomparable Director Bentley Evans - of Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence fame.


Here are a few of my favorite moments in acting

Talk, listen, and connect as Rolonda takes you on a joyous journey of discovery from the bedroom to the boardroom to Hollywood and even her soulful kitchen! From enlightening celebrity interviews to experts on relationships, business, health and wellness, Rolonda gives you plenty worth talking about and loads of laughs along the way!

A true Reinventionist, Ro is a Podcaster, Voice Actor, Actor, Novelist, Stand Up Comedian, Talk Show Host, Journalist, Speaker, and Voice Acting Coach. Many of her podcasts embrace the theme of reinvention and embracing change.

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Emcee & Host

Here, I host the Roast for Comedian Tracey Morgan at The Friar's Club


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Find out what inspired me to write my interracial romance novel, Destiny Lingers

Literary Publicist: Ann-Marie


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Voice Over Webinar

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The Reinventionist - Meet Rolonda Watts

Just inducted into the Emmy's prestigious Silver Circle, Rolonda's name, face, and distinctive voice have been known by audiences everywhere for forty years, thanks to her many works in television, radio, film, theatre, digital media, stand-up comedy, motivational speaking and author of DESTINY LINGERS, her award-winning romance suspense novel, endorsed by Dr. Maya Angelou.

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Rolonda’s name, face, and distinctive voice, are known by audiences of all ages everywhere, thanks to her many credits in television, film, radio, stage, podcasts, and her award-winning romance suspense novel, Destiny Lingers, endorsed by Dr. Maya Angelou.